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First Qualifications of an Orange man drafted 1798

July 1, 2015 History, News

First Qualifications of an Orange man drafted 1798 “Confident pride, rather than an insecure vanity” On the 9th April 1978 the first meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was held in Dublin’s Dawson St.  On the 20th November 1798 the original hand written minutes contain, “qualifications requisite for an Orange man”, which read […]

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June 16, 2015 Events, News

First Dublin Orange Parade In Over 80 Years For over 300 years there has been a Loyal Orange presents in Dublin City. From the first Willamite society “The Aldermen of Skinners Ally” to the first orange lodge which held its first meeting in a hotel on Grafton Street on the 4th June 1798 a Year […]

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Orangemen and the Political Rights

March 9, 2015 Culture

Orangemen and the Political Rights of the Kingdom of Ireland 1800-1801 On the Monday the 9th April 1798 the first Grand Lodge of Ireland was established; the first meeting took place in the home of Thomas Verner on Dawson Street Dublin. Its first task was to elect officers and pass a new constitution and rules […]

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The love Ulster parade is coming to Dublin

February 25, 2015 Events, News

“The Love Ulster Parade” is coming to Dublin. Regardless of one’s opinion on the personality of Willie Frazer the motives of (FAIR) families acting for innocent relatives whom were murdered along the border with the aid of agencies of the Irish State are honourable and their focus is for peaceful demonstration. The action of Dublin […]

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Would the Southern Irish Lodges be better served by a separate Grand Orange Lodge?

January 26, 2015 Orange opinion

Today I am posing the question, should Southern Irish Lodges create a separate Grand Lodge? Having a Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland incorporating two distinct political and religious jurisdictions since partition has not worked. The Grand Orange lodge of Ireland in its present form does not take and has never taken any serious cognizance of […]

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Making Orange Heritage a Public History

November 26, 2014 Audio

(Newstalk) Pat Kenny radio show interview July 2014 The one single principle which underlines the character of Dublin & Wicklow loyal Orange Lodge is our open and honest engagement through our use of social media and professional media outlets. Our most recent interview was for Newstalk FM. The interview was to last for 10 minutes; […]

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O LORD save the King!

September 2, 2014 History, News

Some 66 years ago, in September 1948, the Irish government declared its intention of establishing Ireland as a republic, presenting the Church of Ireland with an interesting but awkward dilemma. For it was, as it remains today an all–  Ireland church, and up until that point the Book of Common Prayer (in use for daily liturgies by […]

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President invited to Rossnowlagh

July 14, 2014 Events, News

EXTRACT FROM SPEECH MADE BY THE GRAND MASTER OF THE GRAND ORANGE LODGE OF IRELAND, EDWARD STEVENSON, AT THE ROSSNOWLAGH TWELFTH It is always a pleasure and a privilege to return to the Atlantic Ocean coastline for undoubtedly the most serene and scenic annual Orange demonstration. The large numbers both participating and lining the route […]

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