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Dublin’s Orange Order mark 1916 Rising with exhibition

April 20, 2016 Culture, News, Orangeism

The Orange Order in Dublin is making a comeback. Last week they hosted an exhibition in connection with the Easter Rising. Worshipful master Chris Thackaberry confronts some of the stereotypes about the order. Video: Ronan McGreevy Click the BLUE TEXT below to see a quick introductory video about the event, as seen on the Irish […]

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Easter Rising was profoundly wrong and undemocratic

March 21, 2016 Culture, History, Orangeism

Attorney General: Easter Rising was profoundly wrong and undemocratic The Easter Rising was “profoundly wrong” and cannot be justified as a “just war”, Northern Ireland’s first Roman Catholic Attorney General has said. In a typically candid interview with a magazine examining multiple perspectives on the events of 1916, John Larkin said that the Dublin rebellion […]

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Easter Rising was not a ‘just war’

March 21, 2016 Culture, Orange opinion

Easter Rising was not a ‘just war’ – and it gave a false legitimacy to IRA Schools around the country held ceremonies this week to mark the 1916 Proclamation of Independence. In many cases this involved drafting proclamations of their own. To judge from some of these proclamations, the men and women of 1916 died […]

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Defending Trinity College Dublin

March 16, 2016 Culture, News

In the aftermath of the Rising Major G A Harris, Adjutant of the Dublin University Officers’ Training Corps (OTC), was tasked with writing a report for the military authorities on the defence of Trinity College during the period 24 April to 6 May 1916. As he had been prevented from travelling to the College during […]

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GAA approach to 1916

March 3, 2016 Culture, News

GAA approach to 1916 proof it is far from open to us all  The village of Crossmaglen in south Armagh is home to Crossmaglen Rangers GAA club. There is a long history of Gaelic football in Crossmaglen, and the first club were founded in 1887, just three years after the formation of the GAA. Their […]

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Orangemen and the Political Rights

March 9, 2015 Culture

Orangemen and the Political Rights of the Kingdom of Ireland 1800-1801 On the Monday the 9th April 1798 the first Grand Lodge of Ireland was established; the first meeting took place in the home of Thomas Verner on Dawson Street Dublin. Its first task was to elect officers and pass a new constitution and rules […]

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What is Britishness?

June 12, 2011 Comment, Culture

Speech by Dr. David Hume MBE, Director of Services, Grand Orange Lodge, to the New Perspectives on Britishness seminar series, University of Huddersfield, March 4, 2010 In his book “The Angry Island. Hunting the English”, author A. A. Gill recounts how a taxi driver in South Africa asked him whether England was like Cape Town. […]

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12th July Bank Holiday Rep. Ireland?

October 14, 2010 Comment, Culture

Are the Republics Orangemen Equal Citziens? At the MacGill Summer School in Co. Donegal, the former P.D leader and Minster for justice, Mr Michael MacDowell called for a Public Holiday in the Republic for the 12th July. He quoted; “That if we were genuine republicans and if the orange panel in the flag meant anything, […]

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