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Reasserting our Anglo Irish identity

October 13, 2010 Culture

We live on an island with an ongoing identity crisis. We have a British identity and we have an Irish identity, sometimes we have both. But we’re still searching for that deeper question of who we are and where we come from. The majority of people on this island have aligned themselves with one of […]

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“Cunucking” with our Orange Heritage

September 23, 2010 Culture, History

Brothers and Sisters it is with great pleasure that I was asked to contribute to Faith & Liberty Magazine.  Although Ireland was the birthplace of the Orange Order,   “The Order” as it commonly referred, was expanded throughout the empire. Among the colonies was that of British North America, which would later become the nation of […]

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British Irish Equality

September 23, 2010 Comment, Culture

by Gregory Campbell MP EQUALITY One of the buzz words in recent years has been equality. Not that it wasn’t fashionable previously but it has taken on a whole new emphasis when used in political circles. It’s always good when used in a campaign. Irish Republicans are of course black belts holders in this particular […]

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Culture and Identity

August 18, 2010 Culture

Discussion and debate about culture and identity has come more and more to the fore within the Unionist community in recent years. For many of us ‘older generation’ Unionists, who do not see ‘culture’ merely in terms of politics and religion, the discussion has been fairly comfortable to handle. For many of the younger generations […]

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The unmentionable minority…

August 18, 2010 Culture, News, Orangeism

Speaking at the MacGill Summer School in Co Donegal, Michael McDowell, the former PD leader and Minister for Justice called for a Public Hoilday in the Republic for the 12th of July. He said that “said that if we were genuine republicans and if the orange panel in the flag meant anything, then we had […]

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Orangeman in Dublin, a Radio 1 Documentary

July 8, 2010 Audio, Culture, News, Orangeism

‘I see myself as a Royalist, as a member of the Orange Order I see the sovereign as the keystone. I have to be loyal to the country I live in and I’m happy to call myself Irish, but the sovereign Queen Elizabeth II I see as the keystone to a stable society. It’s my […]

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