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First Qualifications of an Orange man drafted 1798

July 1, 2015 History, News

First Qualifications of an Orange man drafted 1798 “Confident pride, rather than an insecure vanity” On the 9th April 1978 the first meeting of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was held in Dublin’s Dawson St.  On the 20th November 1798 the original hand written minutes contain, “qualifications requisite for an Orange man”, which read […]

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O LORD save the King!

September 2, 2014 History, News

Some 66 years ago, in September 1948, the Irish government declared its intention of establishing Ireland as a republic, presenting the Church of Ireland with an interesting but awkward dilemma. For it was, as it remains today an all–  Ireland church, and up until that point the Book of Common Prayer (in use for daily liturgies by […]

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Loyal Dublin

April 12, 2012 History

In June 1935, a Dublin Board of Works employee was among a group working at part of the Dublin GPO (General Post Office), the men having been assigned to remove presses from the cellar of the GPO Customs Parcels Section, located at 10 Parnell Square. When several presses were removed however, some mortar appeared insecure, […]

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Nationalists Stop Orange Parade in Newtowngore

November 2, 2010 History, Orangeism

One of the most potentially explosive situations regarding a serious outbreak of public disorder ever to have occurred in County Leitrim took place on Monday, 12th July 1931 in the village of Newtowngore. On that day local Orangemen from Leitrim and adjoining counties had planned a massive 12th of July celebration in Newtowngore. It was […]

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An inconvient truth…

October 5, 2010 Comment, History

Outwardly and publicly those in political positions of power in the Republic have been portraying the country as a mature 21st century European State on good terms with it’s neighbours such as at joint British-Irish meetings , commemorations and such talk of an imminent visit of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth etc. Internally the reality within the […]

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“Cunucking” with our Orange Heritage

September 23, 2010 Culture, History

Brothers and Sisters it is with great pleasure that I was asked to contribute to Faith & Liberty Magazine.  Although Ireland was the birthplace of the Orange Order,   “The Order” as it commonly referred, was expanded throughout the empire. Among the colonies was that of British North America, which would later become the nation of […]

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Witness statements from Irish rebellion and massacres of 1641 go online

March 9, 2010 Comment, History

The 31 handwritten volumes of embittered 17th-century testimony have been alternately hailed as the world’s first war crimes investigation or damned as a prototype dodgy dossier packed with black political propaganda. Witness statements taken after the Irish rebellion and massacres of 1641 – that provided Oliver Cromwell with justification for his infamous slaughter of the […]

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Cork Protestant Hall

March 6, 2010 History

A religious controversy in 1858 in Cork led to the opening of the Protestant Hall, later called the Assembly Rooms. The Committee of the Athenaeum, now the Opera House, refused permission for an ex-priest called Gavazzi to lecture there. The Committee disliked the anti-Catholic tone of Gavazzi’s sermons. Many Protestants in the city were outraged at […]

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