Chapter of the Adelaide Hospital Society

The brethren of Dublin and Wicklow are affiliated to the Adelaide Hospital Society. Since the amalgamation of the Republics last remaining Protestant hospital (The Adelaide) into a new state of the art Hospital in Dublin. We consider the support of this society an important way of maintaining the continuation of the Adelaides Protestant ethos in the new Hospital. Unfortunately here in Ireland most hospitals even though they are funded by the tax payer are controlled by a Roman Catholic ethics committee and are usually adorned by the trappings of the Church of Rome. In-spite of the good health care given to all, this adornment is often offensive to many Protestant and others.

About the Society

The Adelaide Hospital Society exists to advance healthcare, seeking to ensure that healthcare is available to all based upon health needs and not on financial means. The Society believes in Just Caring which embraces both our ethic of care and our ethic of justice.

The Society is deeply committed to an ethic of justice. Proper healthcare is a human right and indeed such healthcare may be seen to underpin other human rights such as the right to life. It is manifest that many social groups and individuals do not receive proper healthcare in Irish society and thereby suffer a grave injustice. It is the responsibility of the State and all citizens to seek to address injustice and promote a more just and caring healthcare service.

The Society

  • Helps to maintain the Adelaide and Meath Hospital, Dublin, Incorporating the National Children’s Hospital as a public voluntary teaching Hospital.
  • Promotes and secures the Adelaide School of Nursing as the means of entry into nursing for suitably qualified candidates from the Protestant community, as well as for those who appreciate the ethos and character of the Hospital.
  • Helps to develop the Adelaide and Meath Hospital at Tallaght, as a focus for Protestant contribution to the health services for the benefit of all.
  • Ensures that the Christian ethos and medical ethics based upon patient choice will continue to be developed and available to all in the Irish health services.
  • Raises charitable financial support for the equipment, facilities or services which are required to ensure the best possible patient care.
  • Provides medical research, the advancement of the nursing profession and the educational support to advance health care for all.
  • Appoints six members of the Board of the Adelaide and Meath Hospital.
  • Facilitates at local level voluntary initiatives which contribute to health care through efforts of members, friends and supporters
Constant values in changing times …
We have grown and healthcare has radically changed, but we hold constant our values inspired by
the Christian faith:
  • Respect and care for the whole person
  • practical caring for the individual person
  • equality of treatment for others
  • voluntary service to others
  • citizen choice in healthcare