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“The battle of the Boyne overwhelmed a civilisation based on
religion and myth and replaced it with intelligent laws” 


(W.B Yeates) 


If your private lodge or loyal society are planning to visit a historical heritage site as part of your Yearly installation of officers or just looking to take on a
social outing with Brethren family and friends, why not visit Loyal Dublin


Up until 1700 the population of Dublin never exceeded 25’000 by 1780 the population was 100’000. A modern European City with stable Government; emanating from a fruitful Protestant ascendancy. 

The 1688 Bill of Rights provided every loyal subject in Ireland the protection
under common law, freedom of press and elections every 5 Years to an Irish
Parliament for the Kingdom of Ireland.

Dublin had 4500 Orange Brethren in 1890s with Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland HQ located in the heart of the City. Dublin City was home to 5 Orange halls which are still standing. Today Dublin has two Orange lodges and one Orange Hall. 


Your tour guide and historian M.W Bro Chris Thackaberry is passionate about Dublin Orange heritage. His tour is set out over a whole day you will discover Dublin’s British and Protestant heritage.

Each tour is customized to suit the transport needs and interest of the group.
Orange, military, social history of the City’s loyalist heritage. 


We only cater for group bookings. Let us help with UK council community grant applications by contacting us by link below. Tours are only run on a Saturday.Brother Chris runs the tours on a volunteer basis outside of his professional

After expenses all funds raised by the tours go to Dublin & Wicklow Loyal
Orange Lodge and Faith & Liberty website.