Faith & Liberty Magazine

The previous issues of our small newsletter were so well received that by the time we released he last issue of it we were already discussing the idea of producing a full blow magazine. 

Faith & Liberty Magazine
 was born and we are very eager to get the first issue out. The idea for having our own magazine wasn’t just to service the lodge, but to give a voice to the entire southern Protestant and Orange community.

Since the inception of the state we have been a small, scattered and silent minority. No one wanted to hear us and those that did, often found themselves meeting a community that had fear and suspicion bred into them. But times are a changing, and our community is now, more than ever before, starting to flag issues about their lives in the Republic and wanting to highlight their own cultural identity.

This is where Faith & Liberty comes in. It’s no longer just a Dublin & Wicklow publication, it’s there for everyone. We encourage brethren of the Loyal Orders to get involved with it. Send us your news, your opinions, articles or whatever else. And it’s not just limited to members of the loyal orders, if anyone feels like they have something which could be of interest to our readers, then get in touch with us!