New project: Orange Order Worldwide

The first Orange lodge was formed in England at Exeter Cathedral on 12th November 1688 in the presence of King William 111, Prince of Orange. It was composed of “Nobles, Knights and Gentlemen of Exeter” and existed “to assist the Prince of Orange in defense of the Protestant Religion and the Liberties of England”.

Since then, the Christian faith and civil and religious liberties have spread right throughout the world. Today over 600 million of the world’s population is Protestant and the Free World enjoys democracy and liberty. At present Orange Lodges already exist in a number countries including Australia, United States,  Canada, England, Ghana, Togo, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Scotland.  They are composed of Protestants, committed to the promotion and defense of the Christian faith and the principles of the Glorious Revolution 1688. Orange Lodges exist to have a healthy Protestant influence on the community in which they reside.

Orange Order Worldwide is a new project by members of the Orange Order to help form new lodges in places where there is currently no active Orange lodges. Facebook has over 500 million active users, with over half of them logging on each and every day to interact with friends from every corner of the world. Over 200 million active users access Facebook through their mobile phone and over 200 phone operators in 60 countries work to deploy and promote Facebook to their customers. Orange Order Worldwide is using the potential of Facebook to help connect people with others whom they might never have met in real life with the aim that these new friends can get together and form active lodges in their areas.

Members of the Facebook group can start virtual lodges through the page and attract members in their areas. Once you’ve a Facebook Orange Lodge setup and functioning, you can take the necessary steps to being received and recognised by the Grand Lodge of your locality. If there isn’t one for your locality, there are plenty of neighboring Grand Lodges that will only be too keen to help you create one.

Orange Order Worldwide on Facebook.