New Website & News

You’re looking at it – the new Dublin & Wicklow Website. Hopefully easier to navigate through and read than the previous which in all fairness, was our first stab at wordpress for anything more than a blog. This website has been a great success by all accounts. We’ve had a lot of very good comments by both members and non members and the website has gotten over 16,000 hits since it went live last September. We hope that you’ll like the new look and that you get something from the articles our team are tirelessly posting. You might notice a few site glitches over the next few days. We’re still working on some backend stuff, trying to get this website updated to wordpress 3.0 so apologies for any inconvenience.

The summer is over and we’re back to business next month. Some of you may know about our newest venture – Faith & Liberty Magazine. We’re almost done with it. The magazine is designed and ready for printing so as soon as we know something more, we’ll post it here.

Fraternal Regards
Dubin & Wicklow Web Team