Dublin Orangeism going from strenght to strenght

June 18, 2013 Comment, News

stpatslargeIt’s been awhile since the last update on this page, but that doesn’t mean the lodge has been inactive. Far from it actually, we’ve been doing a lot of work to keep things moving in the right direction and securing the future for our Protestant traditions here in Dublin. The lodge has grown steadily since the last time we updated this page. We’re very pleased to see more and more Protestants have the confidence to stand up and embrace their unique identity and culture. The days of keeping our heads down, saying nothing seem to thankfully becoming a thing of the past. There’s a very noticeable new sense of confidence in the Protestant community in the Republic over the past few years where our minority is now comfortably more vocal than they’ve been since the Home Rule Crisis almost a century ago. We hope this will continue because Orange Lodges up and down the country are reaping the benefits of it.

Well, lots has been happening. Not just in the Orange or Dublin but within Irish society too. The heroes of WWII were rightfully given a pardon for the blacklisting they came home too after helping free Europe from Nazism. After the horrors of war, these men weren’t welcomed home as the heroes they were but instead they and their families receieved horrid abuse, not just at the hands of the people in their communities but by the state itself. People have pointed out that these men were deserters from the Irish Defence Forces in a time of war, but the same treatment was not handed out to those men who deserted the same force at the same time but did NOT join the British Armed Forces. We were delighted when Minister Alan Shatter offered a full and frank pardon and seeing 91 year old Phil Farrington laying a wreath on behalf of his comrades who sadly did not live to see the day the state would deliver a pardon.

At present we are working on a new magazine as well as getting ready for the 12th. As usual 1313 will be on parade in Donegal on the saturday before the 12th, and on the big day, we’ll be in Northern Ireland as always. Looking forward to this fantastic day and hoping everyone will have a great time and stay safe.

We are always welcoming of new members, so weather you’re from Dublin, Wexford, Cork or Galway and are interested in becoming a member of our lodge, please feel free to contact us.