Very worthy brother Drew Nelson

October 12, 2016 News

drewUniversal sorrow was felt on the “passing to rest” of the Very Worthy Brother Drew Nelson by members of the Dublin & Wicklow Lodge and further throughout the District . May we tender sincere sympathy to his family and very large circle of friends.

A strong vigorous personality Mr Nelson was a man in the prime of life .

He rendered valuable help, insightful knowledge and proved a friend to all who sought his assistance,

Having family origins and relatives in West Cork he understood the complexities of the Protestant community throughout Ireland from Northern Ireland,  the border community and further south into the Republic of Ireland.

He championed and broadened the appeal of the institution as “The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland” in it’s true geographical sense.

 He always portrayed the Orange Orders’ enduring relevance as an organisation in todays’ society .

As in July 2012 as grand secretary he delivered an historic address to the Seanad which was warmly welcomed.

He discussed various issues with dignitaries ,authorities and local communities in the Republic of Ireland on topics ranging from concerns over Protestant education cuts , vandalism to Orange Halls , aiding local community events from West Cork to North Donegal over many years , to accepting and disappointedly having to withdraw from the invitation to take part in the St. Patricks’ day parade in 2005 when Cork was European City of culture (on Police advice of threats of public disorder and intimidation by Irish Republicans , the invited participants of the Institution were unable to take part in the event to celebrate cultural diversity) .

 In his personal leisure time, he travelled throughout Ireland visiting sites mainly relevant to the Williamite trail from Bantry Bay , County Cork to Carrickfergus , County Antrim.

 He was held in high esteem in the Order finding time and inclination in his busy schedule to give his encouragement and support to many for the public good. Combining his gifts of “intellect” and “untiring energy” with the Orange Institutions two keystones of “Faith” and “Fraternity” as in the “Parable of the Talents ,

Matthew 25:22:23. Then the servant who had received two talents also came and said “Master you entrusted me with two talents. See I have gained two more.” His master replied “Well done, good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things. I will make thee ruler over many things , enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”