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Buried Lives

March 27, 2017 History, News

Buried Lives: The Protestants of Southern Ireland’ complements work already done by previous academics, like Peter Hart, Gerard Murphy, Marcus Tanner and others. It comes from the pen of one who grew up, among that community, in the latter half of the 20th century, and is the product of an M.Phil thesis at Trinity College […]

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April 21, 2016 History, News

The Officers and Brethren of Dublin and Wicklow LOL 1313, their family and friends would like to wish her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second a very happy 90th birthday.   God Save the Queen

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A Different Dublin

April 16, 2016 History, News, Orangeism

Loyalism in Dublin from the first to fourth Government of Ireland Act A talk delivered in Dublin Orange Hall on Tuesday 14th of April 2016 by Quincey Dougan Please turn up your speakers as the volume on this video is a bit low

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I can’t muster any interest in the 1916 celebrations

March 23, 2016 History

FERGUS FINLAY: I proclaim that I can’t muster any interest in the 1916 celebrations I sat through ‘Rebellion’, and the documentary narrated by Liam Neeson. It has all left me cold, writes Fergus Finlay.  I HAVE a confession. I was going to keep quiet about it, but then I read an article at the weekend, and I realised I’m guilty: I […]

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Easter Rising was profoundly wrong and undemocratic

March 21, 2016 Culture, History, Orangeism

Attorney General: Easter Rising was profoundly wrong and undemocratic The Easter Rising was “profoundly wrong” and cannot be justified as a “just war”, Northern Ireland’s first Roman Catholic Attorney General has said. In a typically candid interview with a magazine examining multiple perspectives on the events of 1916, John Larkin said that the Dublin rebellion […]

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The ‘altruistic evil’ of 1916 Rising

January 26, 2016 History, News

Rite&Reason: The ‘altruistic evil’ of 1916 Rising Retrospective public consent in 1918 election provides only limited justification In his recent book Not in God’s Name, Jonathan Sacks, the former British chief rabbi, developed the useful concept of “altruistic evil” – by which he means evil committed in a sacred cause, in the name of high ideals. […]

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The heroes of 1916

November 13, 2015 History, News

The heroes of 1916 were economically clueless and the nation paid for it by David McWilliams As we are about to embark on a year of celebrating 1916 and the birth of the nation, maybe it’s a good idea to stand back and ask what 1916 did for the economy. The last time I checked, you […]

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Easter 1916 rebels did not care

November 13, 2015 History, News

Easter 1916 rebels did not care for mandates or shirk from violence by David Hume THE Easter Proclamation of 1916 was signed by seven men. The Ulster Covenant of 1912 and the Women’s Declaration attached to it were signed by 471,717 men and women. For me the figures stack up.  While the Covenant was a […]

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