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The IRA Campaign of Ethic Cleansing of Protestants in Co. Cork

March 13, 2016 News

Kevin Myers: The IRA campaign in Cork against Protestants and non-republicans was on a truly vast scale GERARD Murphy’s ‘The Year Of Disappearances — Political Killings In Cork 1921-22’ is very properly causing a major stir. Even more than Peter Hart’s account of the IRA in the county, this book is revealing the terrible horror […]

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1916 Rebellon A Stunningly Act Of Failure

March 9, 2016 News

RTE reported the Irish President as saying to school students in Croke Park recently that 1916 was “a stunningly-ambitious act of imagination”. Perhaps the Irish President, who I believe to be a decent person, might like to elaborate on this phrase? Some 200 citizens were killed, 40 children and 17 policemen. The leaders had no […]

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GAA approach to 1916

March 3, 2016 Culture, News

GAA approach to 1916 proof it is far from open to us all  The village of Crossmaglen in south Armagh is home to Crossmaglen Rangers GAA club. There is a long history of Gaelic football in Crossmaglen, and the first club were founded in 1887, just three years after the formation of the GAA. Their […]

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The Dublin and Wicklow 1313 Statement

February 29, 2016 News

The Dublin and Wicklow 1313 lodge would like to bring to your  attention the following. It has been confirmed that Christ Church Cathedral and 6 other Church of Ireland churches will be closed in Dublin on Easter Day at the insistence of the Garda, apparently without consultation. You may not know that the article giving […]

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February 24, 2016 News

We wanted to share these articles with you, sorry they are scanned. Click on the image to get a bigger view  

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All are Welcome “Protestant, Catholic, Dissenter

February 22, 2016 News

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Church of Ireland clergy fume over 1916 Easter Rising ceremony

February 18, 2016 News

Church of Ireland clergy fume over 1916 Easter Rising ceremony Dublin church lockout The Church of Ireland hierarchy is said to be fuming after it emerged parishioners won’t be able to get to Dublin city centre services on Easter Sunday due to 1916 Rising commemorations. One of the country’s best-known and most ancient cathedrals has […]

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The ‘altruistic evil’ of 1916 Rising

January 26, 2016 History, News

Rite&Reason: The ‘altruistic evil’ of 1916 Rising Retrospective public consent in 1918 election provides only limited justification In his recent book Not in God’s Name, Jonathan Sacks, the former British chief rabbi, developed the useful concept of “altruistic evil” – by which he means evil committed in a sacred cause, in the name of high ideals. […]

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