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Trinity College LOL

April 19, 2016 News

We are planning to re constitute the Trinity College Lodge that went into darkness in 1966. Initial it is proposed that the Lodge will be a Lodge of Limited purpose opens to all associated with the College and who are existing members of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. The logo was taken from one […]

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Fairness & Fear

April 4, 2016 News

Loyal Orange Institution Fairness & Fear: An investigation of the treatment of Protestants in the Northern Ireland Civil Service 19th March 2016 As this is a very long detailed report we felt it best that you download it and read it at your leisure Read the report by clicking this line of red Text

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I can’t muster any interest in the 1916 celebrations

March 23, 2016 History

FERGUS FINLAY: I proclaim that I can’t muster any interest in the 1916 celebrations I sat through ‘Rebellion’, and the documentary narrated by Liam Neeson. It has all left me cold, writes Fergus Finlay.  I HAVE a confession. I was going to keep quiet about it, but then I read an article at the weekend, and I realised I’m guilty: I […]

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Easter Rising was profoundly wrong and undemocratic

March 21, 2016 Culture, History, Orangeism

Attorney General: Easter Rising was profoundly wrong and undemocratic The Easter Rising was “profoundly wrong” and cannot be justified as a “just war”, Northern Ireland’s first Roman Catholic Attorney General has said. In a typically candid interview with a magazine examining multiple perspectives on the events of 1916, John Larkin said that the Dublin rebellion […]

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Easter Rising was not a ‘just war’

March 21, 2016 Culture, Orange opinion

Easter Rising was not a ‘just war’ – and it gave a false legitimacy to IRA Schools around the country held ceremonies this week to mark the 1916 Proclamation of Independence. In many cases this involved drafting proclamations of their own. To judge from some of these proclamations, the men and women of 1916 died […]

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Talk on County Mayo Orangeism

March 19, 2016 Orangeism

On the evening of 14th March 2016, Quincey Dougan made a presentation in The Museum of Orange Heritage at Sloan’s House Loughgall, County Armagh. The presentation centered around some of jis research into the Orange Heritage of County Mayo, including a look at some of the lodges once active; Mayo Unionism; Edward Nangle and the Achill […]

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Defending Trinity College Dublin

March 16, 2016 Culture, News

In the aftermath of the Rising Major G A Harris, Adjutant of the Dublin University Officers’ Training Corps (OTC), was tasked with writing a report for the military authorities on the defence of Trinity College during the period 24 April to 6 May 1916. As he had been prevented from travelling to the College during […]

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The IRA Campaign of Ethic Cleansing of Protestants in Co. Cork

March 13, 2016 News

Kevin Myers: The IRA campaign in Cork against Protestants and non-republicans was on a truly vast scale GERARD Murphy’s ‘The Year Of Disappearances — Political Killings In Cork 1921-22’ is very properly causing a major stir. Even more than Peter Hart’s account of the IRA in the county, this book is revealing the terrible horror […]

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