First Dublin Orange Parade In Over 80 Years

rossnowlagh1For over 300 years there has been a Loyal Orange presents in Dublin City. From the first Willamite society “The Aldermen of Skinners Ally” to the first orange lodge which held its first meeting in a hotel on Grafton Street on the 4th June 1798 a Year before the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland was established; which in turn held their meeting on the 9th April 1798 in the home of Thomas Verner on Dawson Street.

As a 32 county institution Dublin City was the home for the headquarters of the Orange Order up until the late 1920s when the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland sold Fowler Memorial Hall situated No 10 Parnell Sq and moved the H.Q to Belfast. In 1983 the last five orange lodges in Dublin was amalgamated into one Orange lodge Dublin & Wicklow lol 1313.

To celebrate over 300 years of orange heritage in Dublin City. Dublin & Wicklow lol 1313 will hold our first orange parade in over 80 years at the Boyne Visitor Centre on Saturday 9th April 2016.

The question we are asked “why not hold parade in Dublin”? Firstly the Orange Order owns the land on the north bank of the river Boyne, in addition to the OPW site on the south bank (heritage centre).

This affords us a great opportunity to build an annual event based around creating a family focused itinerary of activities. Picture 2

This can be promoted within the wider tourist industry. Furthermore we plan to highlight Dublin’s Orange Heritage through the holding of smaller events and projects in Dublin City in 2016.

County Grand Oranges Lodges of Donegal, Leitrim, Cavan, will be in attendance on the day of the Boyne Parade. However; if your orange lodge is situated outside the Republic of Ireland and you wish to attend the parade please contact us through our website contact form. We need you to provide full contact details of your lodge secretary, name, address, phone number.

We welcome input from organisations outside the Orange Institution so if your group or society feel they can offer positive contribution to the Boyne event please do not hesitate to contact us.

W. Bro C Thackaberry
Worshipful Master Dublin & Wicklow lol 1313