Three months in and alls well…

So we’ve reached the three month mark with the website so a small note from us seems in order. Over 3000 hits thus far, which, all things considered, we’re rather chuffed with. Feedback has been excellent, from all over really, even  those who might be somewhat opposed to us have congratulated us on getting online and putting together something relevant.

So…whats been happening at Dublin & Wicklow? Well, you might have noticed that we held our first (of many we hope!) Annual Reformation Day Service, at Bewleys Hotel in Dublin last saturday (31st of October) and by all accounts the day was a success. Hopefully, next year will be even bigger and every year it’ll grow to something that perhaps the wider public can get involved in. Reformation Day is after all, something all of us in the western world (regardless of religious affiliation) have been affected by, positively too I might add. It’s not merely a “protestant day”, but a Christian Day. Indeed, two Roman Catholic countries – Solevnia and Chile have national days to celebrate Reformation Day. Perhaps that is something for the Republic of Ireland in the future? who knows… but we would like to thank the Choir of the Dublin Conservative Club who did a fantastic job at the service! Also 250 euro was raised for the work of Ministry Training Strategy (Ireland) at the service so thanks to all who contributed!

Other than that, things are shaping up to be a busy few months for the D&W lodge. We’ve had a good few requests for new memberships and we are working to get our newsletter to be a far more frequent addition to the lodge. We were surprised by how well received the newsletter has been, from both inside and outside the Institution, pleasantly surprised of course – but it’s given us the motivation to make this something more than just a small newsletter for members of the lodge. Watch this space I suppose! A new edition is in the works.

This website too will be a beehive of activity soon in the hope that it not only becomes a mouthpiece for the Dublin Brethren but for Irish Protestants  all over the Republic, with the obvious emphasis on the Orange tradition.  A couple of other projects are in the works too, but it’s too early to get into those now…needless to say, the days of us southern Orangemen, hiding out in small lodge rooms are over.