At last…We have arrived!

Dublin & Wicklow has finally gone virtual!  We’ve spent a great deal of time in the shadows down here in the Republic of Ireland, but over the last few years we’ve decided that we need to be more visable and more outspoken if we are to truly show people in the south what being an Orangeman is all about.

This website will serve as more than just the voice of the Dublin & Wicklow Orange Lodge. We hope it will become a vehicle for change in this country, by letting people see that the other main tradition on this island is very much alive and well in the south and is continuing to grow despite what has gone on in the past. That we, as Orangemen, are still an important part of the Irish dimension and will continue to be. That we have been and will continue to be very much a of the wider Irish cultural  identity. Over the centuries members of the Orange Institution  in Ireland have contributed very positively to Ireland and beyond and we will continue in that fine tradition.

We are a lodge that is going through a lot of very positive change and growth. Our membership is on a very steady rise and we are very proud of the fact that we draw membership from all over the island of Ireland, from Antrim to Cork. Our members come from all sorts of backgrounds, ages and professions. All of this has only strenghtened our lodge and given us a renewed confidence. Ten years ago it’d have been near impossible for an Orangeman as removed from the border as we are, to be open about his membership and cultural identity, but gladly those days are behind us and hopefully this website will help dispell some of the distorted myths about us.

This website will be very big, covering all sorts of topics and ideas and something which will no doubt be an ongoing project so we do hope you’ll check back regularly. And if you have any questions about us, ourinsitution or this website, then please use the contact form to get in touch with us. We don’t bite!

Warm Regards
The Brethren of Dublin & Wicklow LOL 1313